I want to play league of legends

Alas, Riot games does not give a solitary shit about linux

As someone who spends a lot of time learning about history and politics, the people in charge are 99% of the time going to be the same stupid assholes as the rest of us

So show up and try to take charge of things, if you actually care and put in the effort there's a very good chance you'll be better than average

Recommendations for a weather forecasting app that just yanks the data from weather.gov?

Non-algorithmic content is kinda nice, that there is a preexisting community that I'm just here observing instead of being spoon fed whatever's going to keep me on the site the longest is a fresh change of pace from elsewhere

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there are no arguments in existence that are not either theological or about engineering

most often both

The aristocracy is always and inevitably the greatest threat to the stability and success of a nation

trying to slog my way through socialogical texts is a time

nerds just cant stop themselves from using mountains of jargon can they?

Its just lovely when you volunteer for a position and you end up being in charge of something that hasn't had it's records updated in 2 years and you're entirely alone doing it

I have now fully transferred my meme hoard and podcast data from my old phone to my new one

the curse of having quips and quotes, but no context to deliver them

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No trust” is an imaginary problem that crypto doesn’t solve anyway.

It's actually a social poison, as all society are based on trust. So it's like saying no society, ie. pure bread neoliberalism in code.

Let us bow down for a min to the #deathcult is a #geekproblem as well.

The amount of dishes that accumulate in my house is upsetting

"This meme hoard has been passed down through the generations" - Me in 70 yrs

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