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If you're feeling wacky, tax deductible donations to charities is a violation of church-state separation

the dichotomy of the last two posts makes me think there's some kind plural shit goin on in my noggin

I am opposed to more radical politics because I have the ability to be.

It's not because the injustice of the world does not move me to anger, but because it DOES.

I have the privilege to not be forced to think about the injustice of the world every day. This means I get to detach and focus on how the system works.

All of the easy problems are solved.

Beware anyone telling you they know the answer.

If the world can't be fixed without using mass killing there is no point fixing it.


people who primarily describe themselves as "anti-racist" and get upset at moderate politicians

do they know that a fuckton of black people are conservative in the US? like REALLY conservative?

Tone policing is always going to happen

it's just a matter of power

anyone who wants lower taxes because the government is innefficent needs to also be in favor of stronger antitrust enforcement

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dipshits who think that an unregulated market is a free one remind me why I'm getting a degree in economics

We do a little disinformation 

The gays were invented by the government to decrease rates of smoking

"they are spreading their ideology to children"

so is everybody who is concerned with or interacts with children? Everybody who believes things about how society in general is generally gonna care about about how children are thinking?

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apart from avoiding plagarism, is there actually any point to citation outside of empirical research?

there is nothing that won't make something else worse

So don't get tangled up in your own mind with worry, minimize the damage to be sure, but trying to fix everything fixes nothing.

Work on something

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