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When did zines come into fashion? I feel like they came and I totally missed them and now they're everywhere

a random memory - an old friend used to think rin/len (vocaloid) were copied from fanart. He was ADAMANT that the design was stolen from his friend's, then dropped it after realising lmao

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One of my favorite power moves is when a client is dicking you around, purposely making it difficult for them to schedule a meeting with you. "I can't do that time, I have other meetings" is a fine way to remind a client that yes, I have other clients and you cannot just... Idk, skip out on a meeting with me and then reschedule it on a whim to the next day.


so was it ever explained in the series why he got beat up easily by humans when it's already been established many times prior he can i.e reflect bullets off his skin and survive (easily) heights with the impact of a meteor. I already know the answer. but. c'mon get one thing right........

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Potential Sandman spoiler 

I had to draw this because it was very purposely Cabanel's "Fallen Angel" iconography

#Art #MastoArt #Artist #Sandman

really tempting to start learning how to write skins but time is always the issue

today I got a small head injury and was bleeding for an hour and a half. It looks so much better now and the bump is nearly gone. But it was an interesting life experience ...

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it took me 5 1/2 hours of straight up back to back pulls to get ONE (!!) clear of the new ext in pf because every group kept fucking up.

I cannot stand how have been replaced with shitty monetized news blogs. Guess people know how to bait people to comment sections to get more views and interaction.

Want unbalanced/unfinished & relative to my campaign homebrew? I got'chu covered!

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9 days until #FFXIV's 9th anniversary.

Daily character illustration countdown!
Today we have Urianger.

Look forward to tomorrow's post!

content idea for your site: did you draw/interact on ? Check the and make a page for it. I used to love using it.

I keep seeing the [low quality bottom of the barrel humour that appeals to a broad audience] being spammed by people on here. It reminds me of the endless Dory twitter accounts 🤔

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Want to know how to create a preview card for Discord and social media (like the one you see in this toot below) for an HTML page? Here you go!

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