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let me know if you have any feedback about 'the amazon pamphlet,' my compilation of amazon alternatives to shop at! :)

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today is my neocities anniversary!!
so i wrote a little letter! it's not anywhere close to done, but if i didn't upload it today, i'd agonize over making it "perfect" forever, so here's a mess for y'all to look at!!

(one of the edits i have to do is directing it towards fedi too, cuz y'all have been super cool!!)

officially twice boosted now <3 just a bit more relieving, tbh

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lol i joined my first fan cliques but for animal crossing
well it´s more a claim clique....
I got three villagers for myself

even when isn't updated, i still find time to write something for <gemini://> <3

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A couple views of Donner Lake, not too far south on the PCT from Interstate 80 (which you can see cutting south in the first picture). #california #nature
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officially on the lookout for actual petticoats, not shitty halloween costume ones. please let me know if you know of american-made petticoats i can buy or shops that have them!

happy to go global once i’ve exhausted US-made shops but trying to reduce my carbon emissions 💕

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I'm happy to introduce our new ultra-low tech CMS for smol, accessible websites. The goal was to make something that could be self-hosted, but friendly enough for people who don't SFTP or use a terminal. 3 PHP files, Apache, and Gemtext. Should work on any dumb old Apache host; a technical person could manage many of these for friends and family with zero maintenance. Happy to answer any questions or take bug reports.


a very neurodivergent music thing that means nothing to anyone 

madison beer's "emotional bruises" has been given me an extremely long-lasting earworm (going on a month now) because there is an unresolved melody at the end (to me) and the song doesn't finish as strong as i think it should.

tonight was the night. just resolved that melody with a harmony that matched and my brain wuz lyk ~*relief*~

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are you like me and just found out that goodreads is owned by amazon? i found this alternative and it actually has some super neat features:

wishing all the best to all the folks who have finals week coming!!! you got this! don’t cram, make a plan! 💕

putting up my yum-yum shoppe when 90% of my pixels are still WIP and not available yet because fuck it that's what the personal web is all about and i want to share anyway >:3

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The other day I released some new songs on my bandcamp! Help me out by sharing it 😀

is anyone on AKA msn messenger in 2022? my screenname is xandra if you wanna add me :)

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Thinking about the early 00's and my online usage at the time -- there were properietary platforms. There was deviant art, livejournal, myspace (although I didn't use it), the various messengers (aim, msn, icq) and I'd include mmorpgs in there. But there was also a wide range of smaller community run self-hosted ventures -- phpBB, wordpress blogs, static sites, email, irc.

The notable thing is that there was such a huge diversity of platforms that you were on. The communitites that you participated in where also spread across these platforms with a wide varity of intersections.

There wasn't just one thing.

Then the silos appeared and for a while we joked that the internet had become just two or three sites. The book site was definitely aiming at becoming a totalizing force of all online social interaction and readily bought out anything that started to compete.

And I would not want the fediverse to become a totalizing online social force. Not that I think it ever could be, but if it did that would be bad just like the silos hoovering up all online communities was bad. It's better place is one in a wide diversity of platforms that people move between freely.

And it feels like we've turned a corner and those totalizing platforms are spinning out of control -- and shedding users across the internet. Some are ending up in the fediverse. Some are rediscovering making their own sites. Some are just moving over to other properietary platforms -- discord, tiktok, twitch. All the old messenger services died, but now there's all new messenger services.

The network effect of everyone being on one place is coming to an end. And that is great!

We should resist the urge to try to get everyone into one place. Let everyone spread out across the internet and have those communities that span between services. Even if some of those are properietary, I will take ten non-totalizing properietary platforms over one great :moloch:

okay, i might actually do a 20th furcadia anniversary party in @cinni's dream... 8D

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New Wobble eggs have been found! New wobbles will hatch from 2 different evolution tree. Thank you neonriser for the art! -

@alex is it okay if i link to your amazon alternatives for french folks on my site? <3

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