@flancian Interestingly enough, this is why experienced cubers (twisty puzzle enthusiasts) prefer random scramblers. They know they (or other humans) cannot randomly scramble a cube with any certainty that it is in fact random, or even pseudo-random. The fact that a human cannot introduce enough entropy in cube scrambling is actually due to several factors, only one of them being perception.

Im not even going to do it myself. Although ive considered it. I just really need people to understand that some people dont have such easy access to hrt. Sometimes the fully medical route isn't an option. Some people live in the UK. Some people live in heavily rural areas. Or like me some people live in the southern US. Where despite me being in a city there isnt an actually accessible hrt doctor within a hundred or so miles.

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last weekend i dove into an adorable lil ps1 game called hanabi fantast~! (it's a firework simulator!!!) it was a PITA to find a working rom (even tried to compile some raw cd data to an iso...) but i found one! i noticed theres no gameplay of this on youtube so i want to record a full LP someday. i do rely on translation apps since this is japanese only - but i uploaded a short clip on youtube -> youtube-nocookie.com/embed/Yc2

Depiction of war, Vinland Saga spoilers 

vinland saga's art is so fucking pretty

love how tiddlywiki is forcing me to dabble in the lost art of making macros for everything

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moving my logseq and obsidian notes to tiddlywiki has been like moving to a new (and far, far better) home

Non-algorithmic content is kinda nice, that there is a preexisting community that I'm just here observing instead of being spoon fed whatever's going to keep me on the site the longest is a fresh change of pace from elsewhere

An Agora, [[2022-07-02]].

Thank you @moonlion_eth for your contributions!

Earlier today I said "kill as in UNIX, not kill as in murder", and now I want to make a concept album around that very sentence.

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